About Us

Palm Tree Light International

Palm Tree Light International is the innovator in lighting up palm trees, with our original designs and USA manufacturing. We use the most advanced LED’s in the market place, both white and color changing. We will continue to refine and add exciting future products to make sure each property is a one of a kind show piece. Palm Tree Light International distributes lights Nationally and Internationally through our partnering allies.

We work with the largest hotels, resorts, landscapers and property management companies in the industry, providing outstanding service with a value packed product. If you want to separate yourself from the crowd and make your property pop with color changing and remote control capabilities, this is the light you have been looking for. Our lights are more energy efficient, more cost effective, and hassle free than any other product on the market. Our lights are specially designed to offer long term value with extreme energy savings, fewer repairs, and extended life over traditional lighting.

Our lighting system does all the work so you can have all the fun. Say goodbye to unsightly junction boxes and broken lights and say hello to a nearly invisible, high performance and superior light with color changing and remote control capabilities. Now your property can look its best every night, with our one of a kind palm tree lighting system.

We provide free custom design consultations so you can explore all options and determine what works best for your property or backyard yard and budget. Please call 888-538-2441 or use our Contact Us page.